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Getting Accepted Into the Right 
Music School Can be Complex...

Applying to college for music is difficult.

There are so many things to think about for a music student...

First, you have to find out which schools "fit" you best.

You have to consider the environment, opportunities, location, faculty, and more of every school you look into.

Then, you have to stand out in your musicianship.

Auditions, pre-screens, creative portfolios, and more are just the beginning.

Finally, you have to present spectacular applications.

It's not as simple as just "filling out the Common Application."

Rather, it's about refining the music resume, supplements, and essays.

Don't forget!

As a music student, you'll likely have to do interviews as well.

Then there's visiting schools, trial lessons with faculty...

And of course, scholarships!

Knowing where to begin can be incredibly challenging...

Thankfully, Applying to College for Music Does Not Have to Be So Difficult!

Music School Central's college consulting program is the solution for the stressful music college admissions process.

Our service helps you navigate every step of the journey.

Together, we help you find the best schools for you to apply for, then help you get accepted.

The majority of our students get accepted into a top-3 choice school.

Also, the majority of our students get awarded merit-based scholarships.
  • Meet Emiliano, a Jazz Guitarist
Before Emiliano came to us, he had previously applied to Berklee and was rejected!

He and his father reached out to us 6 months before auditioning again.

After working with us, he was accepted into Berklee with $22k/year in scholarship!
How We Can Help You
Our services are custom-made with the music student in mind. 

These are the four core services of Music School Central:

"Right-Fit" Schools List

You will receive a personalized list of schools based on your unique musical and college goals. For your list, we consider the best environment, opportunities, faculty, and more.

Applications & Interviews

Our program helps you craft a strong common application, resume, essays, and personal statements. We also do significant interview prepration.

Auditions & Portfolios

We evaluate your musicianship to see where you stand vs. other students applying to college. Then, we outline a step-by-step plan to help you succeed in your college auditions.

Unlimited Guidance

Our priority is ensuring every student and family gets significant, ongoing 1-on-1 attention throughout the entire college journey. We never expect you to go it alone.
  • Meet Tiffany, a Composer
Tiffany and her family came to us one year before she applied to college for music.

Because she's a composer, we helped her not only with auditions, but with her composition portfolio.

She was accepted with $20k/year scholarships to several music schools, including Rice University, one of the most selective music programs worldwide.

Get to Know Bill, Your College Consultant

Bill Zuckerman is perhaps the world's leading college consultant in music.

He has helped students get accepted into the nation's top colleges, including Juilliard, Berklee, Michigan, and USC.

Bill himself is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Music.

Will you be his next success story?
  • Meet Michael, a Music Producer
When Michael came to us 8 months before applying to college, he was just beginning his journey in Music Production.

We helped him with his portfolios, auditions, interviews, and applications.

Michael was eventually accepted to his top choice music production program, Indiana University, on a scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Music Majors Do You Help?

We work with classical performers, jazz musicians, popular/contemporary music artists, composers in any genre, producers, musical theatre students, film scorers primarily. 

Do Your Students Only Go to Conservatories?

Nope! Many of our students get accepted into university music programs, or pursue a dual major in music and an academic subject. As long as you want to do music in college, we can help you.

Can You Help With Scholarships?

Yes! We can you help you select schools that are more likely to award scholarships based on our experience. Additionally, we help you present high-quality auditions, interviews, and applications to colleges, all of which are the foundation of getting scholarships.

What Makes You Different From Other College Consultants?

There are thousands of college consultants who would be glad to work with you...except they don't know anything about music! Going to college for music is completely different than going to college for an academic major.
  • Meet Matt, a Classical Musician
Matt started working with us almost two years before he applied to colleges.

As a classical vocalist, we helped him sharpen his auditions, applications, resume, and more.

Matt was accepted to Oberlin, Boston Conservatory, and New England Conservatory on scholarships of $15,000+/year. He decided to attend NEC.

Where Our Students Get Accepted

Our students have been accepted into the world's top schools, including:

  • Meet Cameron, Jazz Extraordinaire
Cameron was accepted, on scholarship, to four of the nation's top jazz programs. 

His acceptances include Berklee, Miami, Temple, and University of North Texas.

He ultimately chose Temple to study with Dick Oates, one of the nation's most respected jazz saxophonists.

Check Out More of Our Client's Success Stories!

Chris is a classical violinist equally passionate about computer science. We helped him get into colleges for both programs.

Alisa is the mother of a classical vocalist. We helped her daughter get accepted into her top choice vocal program.

Solomon is a jazz saxophonist who was accepted to Berklee, Indiana, and Miami on $20k+/year scholarships. 

Eshu is a music producer accepted to his dream school, Berklee College of Music, on a $23,000/year scholarship!

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